La Catarsi Ing. Piero e C. S.r.l. è stata fondata nel 1973. Oggi si presenta come una delle più importanti Società nel panorama italiano delle costruzioni meccaniche di precisione. I mercati di riferimento sono principalmente: Aeronautica, Aerospazio, Energia e Difesa.


Industria Aerospaziale

Development in the Space sector is very rapid and the companies operating in this sector are constantly evolving. Our company produces parts with 5-axis machines and the maximum workable size is 6500x2800x1900 mm.

Innovative materials are often used and the components require complex processing cycles that require an organization particularly oriented to the aspects of process engineering.

Continuous improvements and developments in our processes as well as the refinement of employee qualifications are an integral part of our corporate philosophy, which aims to satisfy the demands of our customers beyond their expectations. Our experience in extremely precise mechanical processing has allowed us to develop expertise in the design and construction of processing and handling equipment, as well as parts and assemblies in series.

The most modern Cad / Cae software support our technicians specialized in the design and construction of special equipment and machines.


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Catarsi Ing. Piero e C. S.r.l. was founded in 1973 with limited resources but considerable determination. today Catarsi is one of the most important companies in the Italian panorama of precision mechanical engineering. The reference sectors are mainly: aeronautics, space, energy and defense.

Progetto "CATARSI 4.0" co-finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020.

Catarsi Ing. Piero e C. S.r.l.

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